Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Macho Paradigm: An Introduction to a System of Coercion and Repression.

The Macho Paradigm® is the system by which men are cultivated and raised and in the end everyone in a male-dominated society to believe that being emotional, vulnerable and showing fear are a sign of weakness. Behavioral systems follow to maintain control over one's emotions and frailties as well an attempt to control the emotions and frailties of others almost as if to reduce exposure to another's fear or vulnerability, as if it is contagious. Abuses & infractions against others for their perceived weaknesses, ie bullying, homophobia, machismo with young boys and even girls, manifest as a result of living in this system and being conditioned by it.  
It is the cause behind the motivation of a lot of our problems and many can be traced to it. 
It is NOT the same as masculinity. Machismo/a can be manifest in women as well and they too can perpetuate this system whereby others around them, especially children must succumb to this system else be ridiculed for not being strong or macho enough. 

Work in progress. 

Name originally coined 'Macho Paradigm' 2014©